Sophie Blumberg
Creative Producer

Red and Boiling

Red and Boiling


Red & Boiling

Written by Noga Yechieli Wind

Performed by Noga Yechieli Wind, Joshua Rivas and Alexandra Mitchell

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2018) and Highways LA (2019)

Lesbians gone rogue! The explosive theatrical performance Red and Boiling, is based on hours of interviews with queer womyn and non-binary individuals from different countries, religions, ethnicities and ages. Combining drag, shadow puppetry, and the testimonies shared verbatim, this duo will take you on an interactive journey you won’t forget.

“Can’t recommend Red and Boiling enough! Essential viewing for queer folk of all stripes(& allies too). Beautiful stories, razor sharp delivery and shadow puppets! I mean, shadow puppets alone should be enough (but it’s so much more!)”
Red and Boiling is an entertaining cabaret-style show with some serious undertones. Created by Noga Yechieli Wind and Joshua Rivas, it relates the stories of ‘queer womyn’ (sic) and non-binary individuals who deal with coming out and life thereafter . . . The striking duo forms a comedic partnership that balances the light with the dark and the sad with the humorous. This show is anything but a drag. Four stars.
— Richard Beck, Broadway Baby