Sophie Blumberg
Creative Producer


What others have to say.

Sophie is that magical mix that you’re always looking for in a producer — highly competent and very passionate. As a collaborator, she mediates, compromises and inspires to make sure the artists have the best process possible.
— Monty Cole, Director
Sophie Blumberg is one of the most engaged and engaging producers and dramaturgs I have worked with. She works with insight, passion and vigor, but also with kindness and joy. She is well researched and organized, but is amazing at creating a team that loves and respects each other and the art we do together.
— Abigail Salling, Stage Manager
Sophie is a compromiser in the theater. She takes care of all the crew in the production and makes good connections between directors and designers. It’s always amazing to work with a ray of sunshine!
— JiHo Park, Scenic Designer
Perhaps the highest compliment I can give, I give to her: I trust her. I can’t wait to work with her again.
— Jason Lindner, Playwright and Marketing Director, InterAct Theater Company